We are a group of players who all come from the Boy Scout camp, Camp Tesomas. We were introduced to the game by a member of staff in the summer of 2012 with kubbs that were about twice as fat as they should be, and batons about half as large as they should be. We quickly grew addicted and during the summer of 2013 have rapidly expanded our kubb world. We’ve got properly sized sets now, and sent two teams off to the U.S. Nationals: The Rubik’s Kubbs and Kubb Root. Rubik’s Kubbs managed a 2nd place finish in the consolation bracket–a great showing for our first tournament. Rather than satiate our kubb appetite though as some thought it might, it instead lit a fire and a new hobby has been found. Registering for more tournaments and events will follow and the group of players from camp continues to grow and add other friends and family.



U.S. Nationals 2013
Rubik’s Kubbs–2nd in Consolation Bracket (Ryan Feathers, James Gilbertson, Bryan Konicek)
Kubb Root–T9th Consolation Bracket (Matt Hansen, Adam Gewiss, Alex Schmidt, Kyle Huddleston)

Clash of Kubb 2013
Rubik’s Kubbs–4th Place in Championship Bracket (Ryan Feathers, Matt Hansen, James Gilbertson)
Kubbisms–10th Place (Ben Schlueter, Stuart Deets)

Oktoberfest 2013
Kubbers Get Pitches–7th Place (Ryan Feathers, Ben Schlueter, James Gilbertson, Kendra Feathers, Craig Beer, Mr. Beer)

Madison 2014
Kubbers Get Pitches (Craig Beer, James Gilberston, Andrew Kawleski)
Rubik’s Kubbs (Ryan Feathers, Kendra Feathers, Cory Cantwell)

US Nationals 2014
Kubbers Get Pitches–T17th (Ryan Feathers, Tim Feathers, James Gilbertson)
Rubik’s Kubbs–T9th Consolation Bracket (Matt Hansen, Stuart Deets, Kyle Huddleston)

Cornokubbia 2014
Rubik’s Kubbs–1st Place Consolation Bracket (Ryan Feathers, Tim Feathers, Renee Feathers, Kendra Feathers)

Clash of Kubb 2014

Rubik’s Kubbs–4th Place (Ryan Feathers, James Gilbertson)

Oktoberfest 2014

Kubbers Get Pitches–T5th Consolation Bracket (Ryan Feathers, James Gilbertson, Craig Beer, Kendra Feathers, Stuart Deets, Adam Gewiss)

Lienkugels’ Springfest Championship 2015

Rubik’s Kubbs–1st Place Consolation Bracket (Ryan Feathers, James Gilbertson, Adam Gewiss)
Skubby Doo–T4th Consolation Bracket (Kendra Feathers, Cory Cantwell, Kayla, Victor, Elsa, Carma)

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