The Rubik’s Kubbs have many players and different ones attend different events. Sometimes two teams are sent. Below are all the players who have played in or will be playing in a tournament for one of the Camp Tesomas Teams.

Ryan Feathers

Feathers Returning

Probably the most addicted, Feathers is the team leader, organizing tournament trips and managing the Rubik’s Kubbs page here and their Facebook page. Feathers is currently the team’s inkastere and takes throws of any sort. Currently working on improving hit accuracy on the 4m throws

James Gilbertson
A member of the original US Nationals team, Gilby usually takes the final throws and is one of the best 8m throwers we have.

Bryan Konicek
A member of the original US Nationals team, Bryan usually throws the first two batons and is best at hitting the close field kubbs.

Ben Schleuter
Heading to the 2013 Clash of Kubb as the Kubbisms, Ben is a solid inkastere looking forward to his first tournament.

Matt Hansen
Matt is the best all around thrower we have, excelling at sniping out lone kubbs. Was a member of the Kubb Root at the 2013 US Nationals and is headed to the 2013 Clash of Kubb with Feathers as the Rubik’s Kubbs.

Alex Schmidt
Was the Kubb Root’s inkastere and a solid player. Still famous for his blindfolded 8m hit. (We spun him around blindfolded three times and let him throw and he hit a base kubb somehow on his first and only attempt)

Kyle Huddleston
Kyle was a member of the Kubb Root team. He is best at the shorter throws, and coming up with baffling ways to miss. It is likely he has offended the kubb gods given how often he gets robbed by a kubb.

Adam Gewiss
Was the captain for the Kubb Root team. Adam takes throws all over the field, and often throws last.

Stuart Deets
Stuart is headed to his first tournament at the 2013 Clash of Kubb as the Kubbisms with Ben. He is a solid inkastere and all around balanced thrower.

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